About Us

Established over 25 years, we are one of the most recognised and respected clinics in the Merseyside area.

Our services are not just limited to sports injuries. Our physiotherapists are qualified to treat a broad range of physical conditions for patients of all ages and offer our clients an individual caring and effective service. Where appropriate, we also offer a home visit service.

In addition to our treatment rooms, we have rehabilitation facilities including cardiovascular and strengthening equipment to optimise your recovery and further improve your fitness and health and overall well-being.

Our clinic is dedicated to you receiving the very best care with the attentive expertise of our highly skilled, specialist chartered and registered physiotherapists. Our physiotherapists are experts in human movement and have the ability to help restore and maintain function, activity and independence.

An injury or condition causing you pain and discomfort needs to be treated quickly. The faster you get it checked, the sooner you will recover. We promise to provide you with an appointment within 48 hours of contact. Our team is on hand to thoroughly assess and offer the most appropriate treatment with expert care.

If you require further information or have any unanswered questions please call on 0151 924 4784.