Meet the Physiotherapy Team

Paul Caton

Chartered Physiotherapist

Paul’s career began within the NHS in Glasgow.
He then moved into the world of professional sport, becoming Head Physiotherapist at Clyde Football Club,
Scotland Rugby Union U18s, Oldham Athletic Football Club, Lancashire County Cricket Team and Crystal Palace Football Club.

Paul has now returned to his Merseyside roots to become owner and practitioner at Crosby Physiotherapy.

Linda Forsyth

Chartered Physiotherapist

Linda is the most established and experienced physiotherapist at the clinic, having served Crosby Physiotherapy for over 25 years!

Always ready with a smiling face, Linda has treated and rehabilitated thousands of patients from Crosby and the surrounding areas to good effect and continues to do so.

Darren Harrison

Chartered Physiotherapist

Darren has been a member of the Crosby Physiotherapy team since 2008. 

He has a longstanding interest in sport and fitness and has worked as a PT instructor as well as a physiotherapist within professional football at Stoke City, Wigan Athletic and the GB Bobsleigh team.

Emily Low

Chartered Physiotherapist

Emily is our most recent recruit following her move to Crosby after a number of years working in the NHS and private practice in the London area. She now combines her NHS career with working at Crosby Physiotherapy.


The Multi-Disciplinary Team


Rachel Ong


Rachel has been practising Podiatry at Crosby Physiotherapy for a number of years. Throughout this period, Rachel has established herself as a highly respected Podiatrist with a longstanding patient list. She combines working at Crosby Physiotherapy with her role as Podiatrist to Liverpool Football Club, treating the Academy players.



Sue Hamill-Hope

Reflexology is carried out by Sue Hamill-Hope. This is a method of activating the healing powers of the body and uses specific techniques in which pressure is applied to the feet or hands to stimulate energy flow, thus restoring physical and emotional balance. Reflexology is successful in treating a wide variety of conditions, for example stress, back pain, sciatica, headaches, sleep problems, high/low blood pressure, IBS, infertility, fatigue and sinusitis.

Reflexology is successful in treating a wide variety of conditions, for example stress.back pain, sciatica, headaches, sleep problems, high/low blood pressure, IBS, infertility, fatigue and sinusitis.


Sue is also a practitioner of ‘ear stapling’, which is a combination of acupressure, acupuncture and auriculotherapy, whereby a small surgical staple is placed at key pressure points in the ear.


Robert Laycock

Maxillofacial Surgeon: FRCSED (OMFS)

Rob is qualified in both Medicine and Dentistry. He has an expert knowledge of facial anatomy and currently works at Aintree Hospital specialising in oral and maxillofacial surgery, and facial plastic surgery.

At Crosby Physiotherapy he is able to provide expert treatments such as muscle relaxing injections (botox) and dermal fillers. He is also able to offer a number of additional treatments such as dental appliances, tooth bleaching and sleep apnoea/snoring appliances.

If you require further information or have any unanswered questions please call on 0151 924 4784 or fill out our enquiry form.